This is how far I got today. Going on a trip tomorrow, so I’ll finish this once I’m back!

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German weather is cold, so I’m drawing cute Oikages in mufflers to feel warmer.

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» FAQ up

I finally found some time to upload that FAQ I’ve been working on. You can find it here (I also added the link in my blog description). I’m not really sure how helpful it’ll be, but let’s see….! (*´∀`*)

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Just why…….I wanted Slaine to be happy. WHY. T_T

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Precious childhoodfriends are precious~ ◊ (∩ˇωˇ∩) ◊
Inspired by the drama CD track.

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I loved this particular scene, because struggling Tobio-chan is precious and also because we got to see Kunimi’s smile, what else can someone possibly wish for? In truth I just like to pretend that Tobio is jealous of Kunimi getting praised by Oikawa-san /slaps self 

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A-dreis Geburtstag

In Japan it’s already September 16th, which means….HAPPY BIRTHDAY A-DREI! <3

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All I could see this ep was a jealous boyfriend.

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The King’s tattoo for the new 69min prompt.

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Thinking of Oikage and Cafe, I remembered the drama called “Coffee Prince”… 

There’s a new hq_69min Twitter account, I’m so happy! ; v ;

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69min prompt “graduation”….and I had to think of those three immediately. Unfortunately, I’m not creative when it comes to graduation…xD I am gonna miss the daily 69min prompts.

Thanks for all your hard work so far! ; v ;

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Oikawasan, please tell me where to buy one of those.

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Will I be able to live without those two EVER again? I think no.

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Halloween witch Yachi & her crow familiar. For the 69min prompt on Twitter~

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HQ 69min challenges: “Selfie/Purikura” (yesterday’s) & “First Kiss” (today’s)

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