Precious childhoodfriends are precious~ ◊ (∩ˇωˇ∩) ◊
Inspired by the drama CD track.

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I loved this particular scene, because struggling Tobio-chan is precious and also because we got to see Kunimi’s smile, what else can someone possibly wish for? In truth I just like to pretend that Tobio is jealous of Kunimi getting praised by Oikawa-san /slaps self 

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A-dreis Geburtstag

In Japan it’s already September 16th, which means….HAPPY BIRTHDAY A-DREI! <3

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All I could see this ep was a jealous boyfriend.

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The King’s tattoo for the new 69min prompt.

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Thinking of Oikage and Cafe, I remembered the drama called “Coffee Prince”… 

There’s a new hq_69min Twitter account, I’m so happy! ; v ;

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69min prompt “graduation”….and I had to think of those three immediately. Unfortunately, I’m not creative when it comes to graduation…xD I am gonna miss the daily 69min prompts.

Thanks for all your hard work so far! ; v ;

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Oikawasan, please tell me where to buy one of those.

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Will I be able to live without those two EVER again? I think no.

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Halloween witch Yachi & her crow familiar. For the 69min prompt on Twitter~

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HQ 69min challenges: “Selfie/Purikura” (yesterday’s) & “First Kiss” (today’s)

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Redrawing Oikage moments to make them fit the HQ 69min prompts. ´w ` Tobio too cute, Oikawa agrees.

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VVV x A/Z crossover. I used the official art as pose/clothing reference.

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09/01 is KageOi day. What a wonderful day, it’s gonna be one of my favorites from now on!

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i love your oikage art! thanks for drawing them. c: i hope you don't mind me asking but if you want/or can i'll like to see more fem!kageyama with oikawa & fem!oikawa with kageyama, thanks again!!

I’m so happy, thank you very much!! (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

The genderswap was just for fun, actually, so I don’t exactly plan to draw them again. But I’m not totally against it, either. If I can think of something good, then I probably will draw them again. ^^

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