ACEO #53
"The King of Nightmares"

This one is for LIAN. I did an ACEO trade w/ her earlier this year but since I received two ACEOs and she got only one from me, I promised her another one. She asked for a Pitch from the “Rise of the Guardians” book series/upcoming Dreamworks movie.

I recently bought the first two books as I totally fell in love w/ the movie trailer and wanted to know more about this cute and mezmerizing story. I’m only half into the first book so there’s a lot more to read still. But so far I’m really enjoying it. This Pitch’s outer appearance is a mix of the movie version, the book version and my own imagination. His hair kinda looks like Vegeta’s from Dragonball Z, haha. xD As you may have noticed there are quite a lot of Fearlings. That’s because I really like them. I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s ‘cause they remind me of Kingdom Hearts’ Heartless…? Anyway, I just love them! <3 

WIPs included this time, for those of you who are curious. :3